Sunday Gathering Update

Wednesday 11th May, 2022

Hi Church,

I’m writing today to give you an update on our 8:30am service. Beginning this week (Sunday 15th May), we will be going back to one Sunday 10am service only at both locations. 
Since the last update four weeks ago, a couple of key things have changed: 
1) The 2sqm per person cap was lifted, meaning it is no longer as critical to create space in the 10am service. 
2) While we desire to make space for people who may wish to avoid crowded rooms, the most used alternate to the 10am service has been the online service. For the moment, having an earlier service doesn’t seem to be hitting the mark for us.  
We deeply appreciate all of the effort of our teams who have been so flexible in serving however has been needed across the various phases of the pandemic to enable people to gather for worship! 
While our long term ‘normal’ as a church has generally been multiple morning services and creating options for people to gather, in the current peak cases moment we are in, the online alternative seems to be the best option. We envision returning to multiple options down the track, but we are not there yet in terms of getting back to ‘normal’ or even the ‘new normal’ as we travel through the peak here in Perth. 
If you are someone who is currently avoiding larger gatherings of people, can I also suggest one of the great ways to gather for worship could be to invite a few friends around to experience the online service together? If you need any help in setting this up, just let me know and we’d love to support you in that. 
Thank you again to all who have been serving so faithfully in creating the 8:30 service these past weeks!
And if there is anyway we can serve you in this unique moment, please do let us know. 
Many blessings,