Tech-Wise Family Course

Help your family stay connected to each other and technology in healthy ways with practical solutions from Andy Crouch

Tech-Wise has everything you need to put technology in its proper place, including:
– A new way think about the role technology plays in our lives.
– Actionable strategies for using technology wisely at home, school, work and even church.
– How to stop technology from distracting us from the best moments in life.
– Why technology actually leads to boredom instead of preventing it.
– How to position devices to play a supporting role in our lives, instead of consuming our lives and driving us toward passivity.

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TNY Blaze Movie Night

Our first TNY Blaze get together is happening!! We are having some get to know you games + Movie night – to help your Years 5-6 stay connected and make their own friends in this next important season of life. Free event – bring come $$ for candy bar.

Check out @tnkblaze on instagram for regular updates!

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April Holiday Hangs

This is going to be THE BEST time ever as you get to hang out with your friends for one big day of True North Kids Fun!!! This is designed to be a great space for your kids to build lasting friendships at church, to have that extended time to hang out, connect and make some fun memories. There will be incursions, sport and art workshops, heaps of games and extended periods of time just to get to know and have fun with one another 🙂 Friends welcome and lunch provided in the cost! For all kids in Years 1-6.

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Hey Baby Launch

Connection and fun for all parents of children aged 1-4. Come and connect, chat over some (really good!) coffee every Wednesday! Designed as a space to invite your friends!! Check out our instagram for weekly updates and important info about what is happening

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